About RealChakri

One in ten of the country’s 44 million-strong youth population faces unemployment, new research by World Vision Bangladesh has claimed. This implies that there are roughly 4.4 million unemployed youth in the country. And about 46% of the total unemployed youth are university graduates. That’s a staggering 2 million university graduates without employment.

On the other side of the story, at the time of writing this document, BDJobs, the largest job site in Bangladesh, was advertising 3865 job openings from different employers. If you do the math, each job post is targeting roughly 500 candidates.

It is therefore understandable why hiring the right candidates has been an extremely difficult experience for the employers. When an employer posts a job advertisement on a job site or social media, it immediately starts receiving hundreds of thousands of applications, most of which are not eligible for the advertised position at all.

It is an unbelievably frustrating and time consuming experience for an employer to go through a blast of emails and resumes, short-listing candidates and interviewing a lot - just to hire one or a few.

For the first-time ever in Bangladesh, RealChakri offers a platform aiming to solve the difficulties in hiring by introducing smart tools driven by AI algorithms that connect inspiring organizations with aspiring professionals.

RealChakri was founded, run and managed by Astha IT Ventures.