What specific problem does RealChakri solve?

It's a fact that video is more engaging than a static page and video engagement is growing every year and is projected to be 69% of web traffic by 2017. RealChakri supports this feature within a beautifully organized profile along with several added layers. Members have the opportunity to deliver their message more effectively through video. Employers and recruiters will potentially save time and resources by using RealChakri to pre-screen candidates and collaborate prior to the inperson interview saving time, money and resources.

Who is your audience?

All job seekers. This site can especially help those wanting to be memorable and look organized, professional and tech savvy with an online profile like this to apply to jobs.

All employers, organizations, recruiting agencies, companies overseas needing to fulfill job positions.

Businesses wanting to grow their businesses.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Everything on RealChakri is absolutely FREE for now.

What skills do I need to create a profile and use the site?

Standard skills used on most e-commerce sites are all that you need. If you do need assistance, please email us at support@realchakri.com.

Why do you host video profiles?

A video impression can convey a lot of information a written resume cannot, such as verbal communication skills and personality. Videos and pictures can say what it would take millions of written words to communicate. Please read the report from Cisco about the increasing trend in video traffic, projected to be 69% of all web traffic by 2017 according to their Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2012–2017. Video is the future and is becoming the standard to online engagement.

Why don't I see jobs from other job sites?

RealChakri is not a job aggregator. Statistics show that only about 1.3% of job seekers get hired through job aggregator sites. There is also the chance of duplicates and having to get around the distractions of advertising and links. We are focused on people and delivering information that will stand out in the hiring community.

Do you provide resume writing services?

Not at this time. RealChakri is not involved in the making or creation any of the member content. Besides the organizational features of your profile, the value of this site is in using your video to complement your resume profile and effectively communicate what it would take thousands of words to accomplish as well as allowing the employer to "meet" you to see if other skills meet their criteria.

My video has a bad resolution

Like most video sites, the file type will determine the quality of the play back. Try to upload as high a resolution file as possible to achieve the best results.

What types of files are acceptable?

You may upload most common types of files, from your PC, Mac or mobile device. Use the highest resolution files possible to get the best results.

How long can my video be?

Your video may be up to five minutes in length, and generally, research has pointed to trying to hook your audience within the first 30-45 seconds.

Are there any guidelines?

Yes. There are some general guidelines which you may review in the Job Candidate Guide here.

What is a tag line?

Your tag line a personalized, interesting or fun title you can give yourself, for example: "Software Engineer and a Tech Wizard".

What is the Personal Summary?

Your Personal Summary can be thought of as your work "bio". Peruse other profiles to get ideas on how others are using this feature.

What are core values?

Examples of core values are honesty, integrity, providing personable service, being happy in your work, living passionately. Core values represent your deeply held beliefs and highest priorities that drive your actions. Most companies define their mission and core values and they are important to define for job seekers. When you create your tags here, you have a better chance of matching those with an employer who values the same things.

What if I'm starting out and don't have much information to enter into my profile?

A lot of experience and achievements may not be obvious, so it might be a good idea to try to focus on those things which may have a common thread in your life. Have you always been focused on customer service, in work and possibly in your community or other activities? Chances are, if you define your core values, it may help to identify many of your experiences and activities that form your story so you have that information to highlight in your profile. Also, use your video to help you to get noticed and someone may be willing to train you if they feel you possess the right attitude.

How do I share my profile with others?

From your profile, click on the link under your photo "Share this profile". You may email it or send it to any of your social media accounts. The person who receives it will need to create a user name and password to access your profile if they don't already have one.

How do I hide my address?

The default is set to "private" unless you choose it to be public.