Get a job that works for you.

Using our ever-learning AI technology, RealChakri helps candidates land the right job. The more we get to know you, the smarter we get.

Looking for jobs, but not getting called by the employers? We have got you covered.

Create your profile for free

Create your profile for free. Make it rich with information about your experience, skills, education, projects and accomplishments. The more complete your profile becomes, the better our platform will be able to help you land your dream job.

Get matched with the right jobs automatically

Get matched with the right jobs automatically. Yes - RealChakri will find you great jobs that match your interests - the ones you may have overlooked with your human eyes.

Your profile doesn’t have to be dull

Decorate your profiles with photos and videos of your projects, accomplishments or anything you can think of. Let your talents, personality and potential do the talking. RealChakri gives you the opportunity to share your story through social media.

Use our smart searches

RealChakri offers powerful search filters that make it easy to find a job that fits perfectly into your life. Plus - apply similar search filters on employers to find the ones that are in need of your skills.

Chat securely with employers

Chat securely with employers to learn more about their job. This saves time tremendously on either ends before actually meeting for a face-to-face interview. It also brings both an employer and a candidate on the same page confirming the willingness to proceed to the next step.

RealChakri runs beautifully everywhere

The RealChakti platform comes as a website that runs equally well on desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we are working hard at the moment in bringing to your services native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Some of the employers using RealChakri


This is a really neat tool. The hiring process is such a critical part of a successful organization. Information rich resumes and smart match-making between employers and job seekers help us get it right.

– Dewan Rakib Shah, Entrepreneur, Managing Director, Vromor Group