Hiring, simplified.

If you are like any other employers in Bangladesh, then you must be having a difficult time hiring quality candidates for your organization.

Reasons are well explained on our How It Works page. You may want to go there and check it out.

Well, RealChakri is here to get you out of the mess. It is the smartest way to hire.

From posting a job, to short-listing candidates through pre-screening, to inviting them to face-to-face interviews - RealChakri has streamlined and automated the entire process of hiring. It matches talent to companies based on their profiles through an ever-learning AI technology. RealChakri does the filtering for you.

Create profile and post jobs for free

Sign up for free and create your profile in less than a minute. You get an instant web page to showcase your company's values and benefits as an employer to attract talent. Post unlimited jobs from your account.

Pre-screen candidates

Reduce time and optimize your hiring process by filtering out candidates who are not the right fit for your vacancies through a pre-screening process that you can custom-design for your industry needs.

Connect with candidates

Talk one-on-one with candidates using RealChakri. Get to know a candidate before bringing them in for an interview. Chat securely without revealing any private information. Confirm a candidate's schedule to make sure it aligns with yours. Manage all your conversations in one place.

Score, select and invite to interview

RealChakri lets employers to create a sorted queue of job applicants through scoring, based on different parameters such as candidate profile completeness, conversation, etc. It also lets employers to invite short-listed candidates to face-to-face interviews in just one button click.

Let the AI do the search for you

Save time with our advanced search tools to help you find the right candidates for your business. Use tags and other meta information to curate the best result. The platform also intelligently match-makes candidates with employers based on the content of their profiles.

RealChakri runs beautifully everywhere

The RealChakti platform comes as a website that runs equally well on desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we are working hard at the moment in bringing to your services native mobile apps for Android and iOS.


RealChakri connects job seekers to technology they are already familiar with and know how to useā€¦ it makes perfect sense to use it to link them to employers and recruiters who would like to have that first impression about the job candidate before scheduling the interview. The first step to finding the right fit can be as easy as having that first meet on RealChakri.

– Chandan Wood, Managing Director, Celestial Tech